Gretna Disaster - List of those involved

The disaster was reported widely in the Edinburgh newspapers. Lists of casualties were published, along with photographs, obituaries, death notices, and many stories about the accident. As the weeks went by, the amount of space devoted to the accident naturally diminished, but photographs of men who had been killed were still appearing in the middle of June 1915.

I went through one daily newspaper and extracted as much information about the people involved as I could find. For those who were killed, very often their address, occupation, age, next of kin, and a photograph were given, whilst those who were injured or who escaped without a scratch are just mentioned by name only. Sometimes a person is mentioned only once, whilst in other cases a story may appear for several consecutive days.

Newspaper accounts can be rather inaccurate, and in compiling this list of over 580 names, I have found many errors. Since the list of men who boarded the train was destroyed in the crash, the Army compiled the names from a variety of sources, and many of the mistakes reflect the way that the names were pronounced, rather than written. For instance, a man called Lawrie also appears as Lowrie or Laurie, and M'Diarmid or M'Dermaid. All the soldiers had Regimental Numbers which were introduced to stop such confusion, but without a proper list to work from, even these got confused - one man is reported variously as having a number of 898, 889 or 899. Addresses are also subject to errors, by far the main error is describing the street as being in Edinburgh rather than in Leith, although sometimes it can be the other way round. In most cases, names beginning with Mac and Mc were reported as M', and in the following list I have indexed all these names in this way, eg M'Donald, rather than McDonald or MacDonald.

As well as not knowing exactly who was on the train, another problem for the authorities was the identification of the bodies. The train carried gas cylinders underneath for carriage lighting, and these exploded in the crash, with the result that there are many horrific stories of men being trapped in the burning wreckage. So fierce was the fire that the remains of many soldiers could not be properly identified, and men were still unaccounted for more than a week after the disaster. When the coffins arrived back in Edinburgh before the funeral, relatives were not allowed to open them.

The vast majority of soldiers involved were from the 1/7th Battalion of the Royal Scots, based at Dalmeny Street in Leith. Most of these men came from Leith, Musselburgh or Edinburgh, with a small number from West Lothian. There was also a detachment of men from the Highland Light Infantry travelling on the train, and some of the casualties are therefore from the south west of Scotland rather than from the Edinburgh area.

Listed in the table below are the names of everyone I found, together with some identifying details, like their Regimental Number, or address. The names of most of those who were killed are inscribed upon the name panels at Rosebank Cemetery, and if you click on one of these names, you will be taken to a photograph of that panel. If you are interested in anyone mentioned, please e-mail me and I will send you the content of each article I have recorded.

I receive several enquiries a month about the people listed in the table below. Very often the same name crops up again and again, and in the hope of putting families in touch with each other, I have made a note in the last column when I receive an enquiry about that person, giving the date of the enquiry, the initial(s) of the enquirer, and the relationship (if any) to the person involved in the disaster. If you wish to make contact with the enquirer, please write to me and I will write to them and send them your e-mail address. It is then up to them to contact you directly, if they wish. I will not pass on e-mail addresses without permission.



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Adams, James. 2837. Rothesay Place, Musselburgh Killed  
Adams, Thomas. 2245. Rothesay Place, Musselburgh Injured  
Adamson, J. 1906. Safe  
Adamson, J. 2052. 26 Ferrier Street, Leith Injured  
Alexander, George. 1597. 17 Buchanan Street, Leith Injured  
Allan, Thomas. 605. Killed  
Allan, William. 94 or 131. 131 Lochend Road, Leith Killed 1 Apr 2002: Enquiry by S, grandson's wife
Allison, Samuel. 552 or 522. 97 Albert St, Edinburgh Killed  
Anderson, J. 78 Buchanan Street Injured 2 Jan 2012: Enquiry by NPStA, related to a James Anderson who may be this man
Anderson, James. 2535. Armadale Killed 2 Jan 2012: Enquiry by NPStA, related to a James Anderson who may be this man
Angus, David R. 1209. Killed  
Angus, G. 1725 Safe  
Angus, Robert. 1225. 57 Dalmeny Street, Leith Killed  
Archibald, David. 2382. Musselburgh Killed  
Archibald, E A. 1720. Injured  
Archibald, Edward or R. 1902. Musselburgh Injured  
Archibald, W. 1612. 22 or 24 Balfour Street, Leith Injured  
Armstrong, A. 25. 47 Broughton Road, Edinburgh Injured  
Arnold or Arnould, Thomas. 1613 or 1663. 129 Ferry Road. Killed  
Arnott, James. 1861. 42 New Street, Musselburgh Injured  
Arnould or Arnold, Thomas. 1613 or 1663. 129 Ferry Road. Killed  
Auld, John. 1957 or 1959. 46 Elm Row, Edinburgh Killed 29 Nov 2011: Enquiry by DA, great grand nephew
Baillie, Andrew Forrest. 1401. Killed 27 Sep 2008: Enquiry from GMD, grandnephew
Baillie, William. 2504. 16 Mid Street, Bathgate. Killed  
Baird, George. 1234. 2 Wilkie Place, Leith Injured  
Ballantyne, John Williamson. 1139. 100 Main Street, Camelon, Falkirk Killed

25 Dec 2011: Enquiry from JP, researching men from Camelon.
31 Oct 2004: Enquiry from MMM, relative, who supplied 1894 birrth certificate

Banks. 528. 22 Burlington Street, Leith Injured  
Barnet, Thomas W. 1350. Killed  
Barnett, Thomas. 2602. Killed  
Barnett or Barrett, William. 1686. 22 Albert Street, Edinburgh Killed  
Barratt. 2245 Injured  
Barrett or Barnett, William. 1686. 22 Albert Street, Edinburgh Killed  
Batey, Robert. 1852. 22 Ryehill Gardens, Leith. Killed  
Batten, Francis. 1367. Killed  
Baxter, Archibald Scott. 1811. 89 Henderson Street, Leith Killed  
Baxter, J. 1112 Injured  
Baxter, J. 1358. 42 Coburg Street, Leith Injured  
Beaumont, W. 1147. 23 Brandon Terrace, Edinburgh Injured  
Bell, Andrew Moodie or Mudie. 1003. 50 Primrose Street Killed  
Bell, H. 1820. 226 Sinclair Street, Kirkcaldy Injured  
Bell. (Lieutenant) Injured 1 Feb 2013: Enquiry by RB, son, who says his late father, Major J C Bell OBE MC was always known as "Ian"
23 Apr 2005: Enquiry from RL
Bellman, George. 1250. 124 Constitution Street, Leith Killed  
Biggar or Bigges, J. 1245. 7 Jameson Place, Leith Injured 23 Feb 2010: Enquiry from BB, grandson
Bird, Alfred James. 1199. Killed  
Bird, Peter. 1026. 70 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh Killed  
Bishop, W. 2254. Injured  
Bisset, William Thomson. 2505. 54 South Street, Armadale. Killed  
Blackwood, William R T. 1760. 37 Bonnington Road, Edinburgh. Killed  
Blair, James Allan. 1200. 97 Iona Street, Leith Killed 17 Dec 2001: Enquiry by NB.
Blair, John. 1272. Killed 17 Dec 2001: Enquiry by NB.
Bonnar, Charles. 874. Links Street, Musselburgh Killed  
Bonnar, J C. Lieutenant, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Cairnsmore, Helensburgh Killed 17 Sep 2002: Enquiry by PG.
Borthwick, Robert. 1944. 42 Eskside Killed  
Boswell, James. 2498. 5 Milne's Court, Edinburgh Injured  
Boyd. 1581. Safe  
Brass, John. 1504. 13 Earlston Terrace, Edinburgh Killed  
Bremner, George. 2053. Killed  
Brookshaw, Frederick. 2328. Resided in Edinburgh. Killed  
Brown, A. 2454. Stanhill Cottage, Bathgate Safe  
Brown, Andrew. 2710. 6 Store Row, Wallyford, Musselburgh Killed 19 Aug 2001: Enquiry from JB
Brown, George. 540. Killed  
Brown, J or Thomas. 1855. 121 or 122 High Street or 121 North High Street, Musselburgh Injured  
Brown, James. 2250. Musselburgh Injured  
Brown, James. 2316. Resided in Bathgate Killed  
Brown, John. 1699. 9 Trafalgar Street, Leith Injured  
Brown, Robert. 1573. 66 Eskside, Musselburgh Injured  
Brown, William. 1637. 11 Bangor Road, Leith Injured  
Bruce, A. 2454. Injured  
Bruce, Robert. 1673. Killed  
Bruce, William. 1867 Injured  
Brunton, Robert. 1930. 95 Albert Street, Edinburgh Killed  
Burke, Robert Mowbray Douglas. 1848. 389 Easter Road. Killed  
Burnet, James. 1130. Killed 9 Apr 2004: Enquiry by JM, great granddaughter
4 Aug 2003: Enquiry from RBM, possible relative
Burnett, John. 1140. 63 Tennant Street, Leith, or 56 West Bowling Green St, Leith Killed 13 Nov 2005: Enquiry from ABM, great grandnephew
4 Aug 2003: Enquiry from RBM, possible relative
Byrnes, D. 2506. Injured  
Cairncross, Thomas. 1141. 24 Bonnington Road, Edinburgh Injured  
Cairns, Archibald. 1574. 34 Buchanan Street Leith. Killed  
Cairns, Henry S. 1408. 333 Easter Road, Leith. Killed  
Cairns, T. 2846 Safe  
Cameron, A. 149 Safe  
Campbell, Andrew. 1162. 3 Brunton Terrace, Edinburgh. Killed  
Campbell, D. 67 or 57. 25 Halmyre Street, Leith Injured  
Campbell, Peter. 1113. Leith and Halliburton Place, Galashiels, Killed  
Carlin, James. 1579. 25 Waverley Park, Edinburgh. Injured 23 Aug 2003: Enquiry from SO'C, relative, who says James and Richard Carlin were brothers.
Carlin, Richard. 481. 25 Waverley Park, Edinburgh. Killed 23 Aug 2003: Enquiry from SO'C, relative, who says Richard and James Carlin were brothers.
Carruthers. 1196 Injured  
Carson. 1724. 313 Easter Road, Leith Safe  
Carter, John. 1862. 45 Lorne Street, Leith. 6 Vanburgh Place, Leith Killed 23 Dec 2002: Enquiry by DM.
Cheyne, C L. 1356. 12 James Place, Leith. Injured  
Chisholm, W. 2079. Safe  
Clachers, Thomas. 1916. Injured  
Clark, Alexander. 1368. 72 Castlegate, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire or 14 Bath Street, Leith Killed  
Clark, F. Injured  
Clark, Louis. 1347. Leith Injured  
Clark or Clerk, William. 1486. 271 Easter Road, Edinburgh Killed  
Clark or Clerk, William. Steel's Rows, Broxburn Safe  
Clark, T J, or T George, or G. Second Lieutenant. East Suffolk Road, Edinburgh Injured  
Clerk or Clark, William. 1486. 271 Easter Road, Edinburgh Killed  
Clerk or Clark, William. Steel's Rows, Broxburn Safe  
Colville, Arthur Balfour. 1440. Newhall, Midlothian. Killed  
Combe or Coombe, John. 1419. Edinburgh Injured 27 Sep 2008: Enquiry from GMD, relative
Combe, Lister S. 2405. 38, North Bridge Street, Bathgate, West Lothian Killed  
Combe, Thomas. 399. 4 Lorne Square, Leith Injured  
Connor, T. 1271. Injured  
Cook, James. 7980. Highland Light Infantry. Ramsay Place, Leadhills, Lanarkshire Killed 27 Oct 2003: Enquiry from JH, researcher.
Coombe or Combe, John. 1419. Edinburgh Injured  
Craig, Thomas. 1769. 54 Market Street Musselburgh. Injured  
Cranston, James. 2157. 4, Fisher Wynd, Musselburgh, Midlothian. Killed  
Crighton, G (or James). 1211. 3 Ryehill Gardens Leith. Safe

15 May 2002: Enquiry by AS, great granddaughter, who corrected name from G to James.
7 Feb 2014: Enquiry from CC, great granddaughter of George and great grandneice of James.

Crooks. 566 Safe  
Cumming, John. 1515. 31 Albert Street, Edinburgh Killed  
Cumming, T. Injured  
Cummings, P. 1626 Injured  
Cummings, T. 1160. 59 Balfour Street Leith Injured  
Cunningham, John. 332. Edinburgh Killed  
Currie, Alexander. 991 Injured  
Currie, John. 1717. Inveresk Road, Musselburgh Injured  
Currie, R. 1918. 61 Cotton, Castle-Douglas Injured  
Cushny, A O. Lieutenant. Safe  
Dalgleish, George. 2688. Corporation Buildings, Leith Killed 7 Feb 2001: Enquiry by SD, grandson.
Dallas, Albert James Proudfoot. 1567. 12 Cannon Street, Leith Killed  
Dallas, R. 1280. 12 Annfield Newhaven. Injured  
Daly, Matthew. 2725. 16 Paterson Street Kirkcaldy Safe  
Davie or Dewie, Thomas. 2128. 11 Old Craighall Musselburgh Injured  
Dawson, Robert S. 696. 34 Prince Regent Street, Leith Killed  
Day, Robert. 7003. Kirkfieldbank, Lanark Injured  
Denhays or Deuchars, W. 1032. 12 Rossie Place, Edinburgh Injured  
Dewar, T. 1653. 258 Leith Walk Leith. Injured  
Dewie or Davie, Thomas. 2128. 11 Old Craighall Musselburgh Injured  
Dick, J. 2726. c/o Bathgate, Collyburn, Longniddry Injured  
Dick, James. 568. Lamancha, Peebles-Shire or 15 St Andrew Street, Leith. Killed 13 Feb 2004: Enquiry from AG,
Dickson, J. 1395. Injured  
Dishington, A. 1310. Safe  
Dishington. 1577 Safe  
Dobbie, George. 172. Meadowbank Crescent Edinburgh Injured  
Dobie, Charles. 2073. 12 Rossie Place, Edinburgh Injured  
Dobie, T. Injured  
Dodds, J S. 1325. Safe  
Dodds, James. 6060. Highland Light Infantry. Milton Cottage, Carluke Injured  
Donal or Doull, John. 1416. 3 South Lorne Place, Leith or 3 South Lawson Place Edinburgh Injured  
Donavon or Donovan, Matthew. 1204. 17 North Fort Street, Leith. Injured  
Doner or Doran, J. 2767. 8 Burnbank Crescent Coatbridge. Injured  
Doran, M. 2811. 6 Dykehead Lane, Bathgate. Safe  
Dougherty, Thomas C. 1294. c/o M'Culloch, 101 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh Killed  
Douglas, J. 2071 Injured  
Doull or Donal, John. 1416. 3 South Lorne Place, Leith or 3 South Lawson Place Edinburgh Injured  
Duff, George. 2227. c/o Steedman, 49 Inveresk Road, Musselburgh, or 78 Tron Square, Edinburgh. Killed  
Duff, L F. 201. 131 Trinity Road Leith. Safe 8 Jan 2004: Enquiry from DS, relative, who gives his name as Lauchlan Finlay Duff
Duff, Robert. 2776. 26 Market Street, Musselburgh Killed  
Dugdale, Robert C. 2452. 26 Newbigging, Musselburgh Killed 13 Jan 2003: Enquiry by GD, grand-nephew.
Dugg, L F. 24 Injured  
Dunbar, John. 2385. 78 New Street, Musselburgh Injured  
Duncan, G. 594. 7 Albany Street Leith Injured  
Durie, T. 2125. Dakrigg Hill Musselburgh Injured  
Dyer, Samuel. (Civilian) Killed 22 May 2003: Enquiry from CG, current occupant of Samuel Dyer's home in Wealdstone, Harrow, Middlesex, who offers information.
Edmond, Thomas. 1789. 18 Ryehill Place, Leith or 37 Glover Street, Leith. Killed  
Edwards. Doctor. Of Carlisle    
Elder, W. 1643. 34 Arthur Street Leith. Injured  
Fairley, Archibald. c/o Hutchinson, 4 Hermitage Park, Leith Safe  
Falconer, John. 1703. 35 Admiralty Street, Leith Killed  
Farrell, T. 184. Injured  
Fauchildean, M. Injured  
Findlay, Robert Scott. Captain, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Boturich Castle, Balloch Killed 5 Nov 2005: Enquiry from AC, great grandnephew
Finlay, Thomas. 1916. 2 Anderson Place, Leith Injured  
Finlayson, J. 1073 Safe  
Finlayson, John. 1790. 10 East Thomas Street, Edinburgh. Killed  
Fisher, James. 1712. 87 High Street Musselburgh Injured  
Fisher. 1794. Safe  
Fleeting, J. 253. 37 Milton Street Edinburgh. Injured  
Flett, William. 425. 83 Iona Street, Leith, or 8 Hutchison Avenue, Edinburgh Killed  
Ford, H. (Civilian) Killed  
Forrester, E or Alec. 1334. Injured  
Forrester, Joseph or James. 1206. Killed  
Fraser, Robert Rodger. 2240. Crown Square, Prestonpans Killed  
Frew, Daniel McNair. 1494. 40 Hawthornvale, Leith Killed 24 Feb 2003: Enquiry by AMI, niece.
Fyfe, John. 1008 Killed  
Gaffney or Gaffrey, Michael. 1232. 73 Albert Street Edinburgh Killed  
Garrie, George. 1328. 30, Shorntree or Thorntree Street, Leith Killed

15 Mar 2009: Enquiry from AG, researcher
16 Oct 2007: Enquiry from JR, researcher

Gear, James. 155. Killed  
Gibb, A. 392. 91 Albert Street Edinburgh Injured 12 Mar 2001: Enquiry by RG.
Gibb, Robert. 1846. 148, Albert Street, Edinburgh Killed 12 Mar 2001: Enquiry by RG.
Gibson, Alexander Scott. 902. Hercus Loan, Musselburgh. Killed  
Gilbertson. 1502. Safe  
Gilfillan or Tilfillan, W. 1720 Injured  
Gleave, Thomas. 550. 7 Iona Street, Leith Injured  
Glendinning. A. 1386. 3 Laurie Street Leith Injured  
Glennie, A. 2216. Ellon, Aberdeen Killed  
Godsell, C. 1161 Safe  
Goodwin, John. 1341. Tolbooth Wynd Killed  
Gordon, C. 872 Injured  
Gordon, W. 245 Injured  
Gordon. Injured  
Gorman, M, or Tonman, N. 1764. Injured  
Gosman, A. 1636. 21 Halmyre Street Leith. Injured  
Grady, James. 1247. 46 High School Yards, Edinburgh Killed  
Graham, C. 2500. 3 South Lorne Place Injured  
Graham, R. 1608. Injured  
Grant, Alexander. 1448. 57 Ferry Road, Leith. Killed  
Gray, A. 2215. 51 Albert Street Edinburgh Injured  
Gray, D. Injured  
Gray, G B. 809. 23 Primrose Street, Leith Injured  
Grierson, J. 7911. Highland Light Infantry. Lanark Injured  
Hadden, Sidney (or Sydney) Alexander. 1290. 3 Crown Street, Leith Killed  
Halliday. 7230. Safe  
Hamilton, Archie or Archibald. 1324. 13 Halmyre Street, Leith Killed  
Hamilton, James, or John Dundas Lawrie. Major. 196 Grange Loan, Edinburgh Killed 17 Oct 2010: Enquiry by AH, grandson
Hamilton, Thomas. 13 Halmyre Street, Leith Killed  
Hampson, Percy S. 1752. 314 Easter Road, Leith. Killed  
Hannah, James Fullerton. 1781. 44 Sloan Street Leith. Killed  
Hannah, James. Civilian. St Ann's, Carlisle Killed  
Hannan or Hannay, William Heddle. 1497. 12 Ashley Street or 12 Ashley Place or 10 Ashley Place, Leith Killed 27 Jan 2008: Enquiry from AC, grandnephew
Harkins, M or W. 2586. 7 Simpson's Lane, Falkirk Injured  
Hart, Hugh. 2413. 67, Lower Bathville, Armadale, West Lothian Killed 1 Jul 2009: Enquiry by GMcK, relative
Haws, G. Lieutenant Safe  
Hay, Robert. 2186. 22 South Street, Musselburgh Killed  
Hay, Thomas. 1727. Leith Injured  
Hayward, J. 1253. Safe  
Head, C E . Commander, Royal Navy. HMS Vernon, Portsmouth Killed 11 Oct 2012: Enquiry by RHM, naval historian
Henderson, James. 1365. Leith Injured  
Hendric or Hendrie, W. 2277. Safe  
Hendry, R G. 1709 Injured  13 Feb 2003: Enquiry by PA
Henry, John. 2551. 46, Tower Street, Portobello, Midlothian Killed  
Henry, Laurence or Lawrence. 1213. 69 North Fort Street, Leith Killed  
Hepburn, R. 1693. 49 Balfour Street Leith Injured 27 Feb 2002: Enquiry by GH, grandson.
Hercus, T. 1939. Army Service Corps Safe  
Herd, James. 1866. 17, Waverley Park, Edinburgh Killed  
Higgins, William. 1165. Links Street Musselburgh. Injured  
Hill, A. 139. 56 or 57 Albert Street, Edinburgh Injured  
Hogg, George. 1888. 62 Montrose Terrace, Abbeyhill, Edinburgh Killed  
Hollerin, James W. 2410. 4 Albert Buildings, Blackburn, Bathgate Killed  
Hollerin, M. Killed  
Hook, D. 1238. Leith Injured  
Hopkins, S. 1934. 12 Buchanan Street Edinburgh Injured  
Horsburgh, W. 1817. 21 Jeffrey Street Edinburgh Injured  
Hosie, William. 1121. 73 Albert Street, Edinburgh Injured  
Houliston, George. 1414. Killed  
Howden, J or Thomas. 634. 3 High Street, Edinburgh Injured  
Hughes, John. 2687. Faucheldean, Winchburgh Injured  
Hughes, Thomas. 1409. 37 or 39 Glover Street Leith Injured  
Hunt, P. 1296. 2 Balcarres Place Musselburgh Injured  
Hunt, R. Injured  
Hunter, D. 1332. 11 Pipe Street Portobello Injured  
Hunter, John. 681. 23 Milton Street, Abbeyhill Missing  
Hunter, Robert. 1394. 23 Milton Street, Abbeyhill Killed  
Hutcheon, William Orr. 118. Balfour Place, Leith or 9 Elmwood Terrace, Leith Killed  
Inglis, John. 1625. 13 Panmure Place, Edinburgh or 69, St Leonards Hill, Edinburgh Killed  
Inglis, William. Civilian Missing  
Inglis, William. 1097. 40 King's Road Portobello Injured  
Jack, David. 1047. c/o Mrs Sharp, Bardon Mill, Northumberland Killed  
Jackson, John. Lieutenant. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Rockville, Dumbarton Killed 3 Nov 2001: Enquiry by S.
Johnston or Johnstone or Jamieson, George or James or James L. 898 or 889 or 899 or 1201. 3 So Elgin Street, Edinburgh or 49 Bangor Road, Leith, or 23 Ferrier Street, Leith Killed 2 Jun 2002: Enquiry by NJ, grandson of James Jamieson.
Jamieson, W H. 1192. 26 North Junction Street Leith Injured  
Jamieson, Wilfred. 2465. 27 McDonald Road Edinburgh Injured  
Johnston, Andrew. 1498. Ladyburn Place, Kinghorn Injured  
Johnston or Johnstone or Jamieson, George or James or James L. 898 or 889 or 899 or 1201. 3 So Elgin Street, Edinburgh or 49 Bangor Road, Leith, or 23 Ferrier Street, Leith Killed 2 Jun 2002: Enquiry by NJ, grandson of James Jamieson.
Johnston, R. 1564. 43 James Street Edinburgh Injured  
Johnstone or Johnston or Jamieson, George or James or James L. 898 or 889 or 899 or 1201. 3 So Elgin Street, Edinburgh or 49 Bangor Road, Leith, or 23 Ferrier Street, Leith Killed 2 Jun 2002: Enquiry by NJ, grandson of James Jamieson.
Jordan, Dick; or Gordon, R or Dick; or Dick, Gordon. 2726. Injured  
Kean, Robert. 2132. 50 Mansfield Avenue Musselburgh Injured  
Keen, W. 47. 156 Ferry Road Leith Injured  
Keir, Andrew. 1614. Killed  
Kennedy, J. 2513. Injured  
Kermack. Lieutenant Injured  
Kerr, John. 69. 10 St John's Hill Edinburgh, or Parson's Green Terrace, Edinburgh. Injured 17 Feb 2010: Enquiry by MS, grandnephew
9 Aug 2005: Enquiry from SB, great grandson
Kerr, Michael. 596. 48 St Mary's Street Edinburgh, or Parson's Green Terrace, Edinburgh. Killed 9 Aug 2005: Enquiry from SB, great grandson
Kerr, Napoleon Bonaparte. 1184. 10 Parsons Green Terrace, Edinburgh Killed 9 Aug 2005: Enquiry from SB, great grandnephew
Kidd, J. 2761. Prospect Street, Edinburgh Injured  
King, Thomas Wright. 2720. Ormiston Terrace, Broxburn, or Manse Cottage, Uphall or Colinswell Lodge, Burntisland, Fife. Killed  
Kinghorn or Kinghorne, Andrew. 819. Musselburgh Injured  
Kirsopp, Purves, Lieutenant. Injured  
Laing, Daniel. 1507. Killed  
Laing, William Hewitt. 1851. 292, Easter Rd., Edinburgh Killed 14 Oct 2009: Enquiry by MR
Laird, Harold J, or A R. 1381. 175 Easter Road Leith Injured  
Laird, L. 1380 Injured  
Lamb, J Missing  26 Oct 2002: Enquiry by CL
Lang, J. 1609. 150 New Street Musselburgh Injured  
Lang, John. 1628. Killed  
Langland or Langlands, D T. 939. Lochend Road, Musselburgh Injured  
Langlands. 1786 Safe  
Latimer, A. 1603. Injured 12 Dec 2010: Enquiry by DH
Laurie or Lawrie or Lowrie, David. 753. 97 Abbeyhill Edinburgh Injured  
Law, G or James. 1868. Injured  
Lawrence, W. 1369. 7 Fort Place Leith Injured  
Lawrie or Laurie or Lowrie, David. 753. 97 Abbeyhill Edinburgh Injured  
Lawrie, J. 722 Safe  
Lawrie, Matthew. 7336. Highland Light Infantry. Hynford Place, Lanark Injured  
Lawson, John B. 1390. 23 Rossie Place, Edinburgh Injured  
Lawson, William Stewart. 2945. 119 Easter Road Edinburgh Injured  
Leckie, Robert. 7921. Highland Light Infantry. Boglea View, Greengairs, Airdrie, Lanarkshire Killed  
Leighton, Allan. 1873. 51 Tolbooth Wynd Edinburgh Injured  
Leighton, J. 2271. Injured  
Leris. 2792 Safe  
Leslie, A. 122. 44 West Bowling Green Street Leith Injured  
Lessels, J. 1360. Safe  
Lewis, A. 6082 Safe  
Liddell, G. 1782. Safe  
Lindsay, W S. 235. 50 Albion Road Injured  
Little, Robert. 1159. Killed 5 May 2009: Enquiry by SF, grandnephew
Little, T. 1591. 22 South Street Musselburgh Injured  
Little, W. 1592. Safe  
Livingston, John. 1166. 7 Hopetoun Terrace, Ormiston or c/o Cairney, 69 Grange Loan, Edinburgh Injured  
Lonie, William. 1483. 260 Ferry Road, Leith Injured  
Love, William. 1462. Killed 22 Feb 2002: Enquiry by VM.
Lowrie or Laurie or Lawrie, David. 753. 97 Abbeyhill Edinburgh Injured  
Lumsden, John. 1751. Musselburgh Injured  
Lunny, George M. 1492. 14 Niddrie Cottages, Portobello or 53, Northfield Broadway, Piershill, Edinburgh. Killed  
Lydon, Cyril F. 1707. Army Service Corps. Injured  
M'Allister, James. Highland Light Infantry. 72 Glasgow Road, Cambuslang Injured  
M'Arthur, A. 7571 Safe  
M'Aulay George Douglas. 1392. 30, Tenant Street, Leith, or 23 Albert Street, Edinburgh. Killed  
M'Aulay, Henry. 1239. 1, Paterson Court, Barony Street, Edinburgh or 23 Albert Street, Edinburgh. Killed  
M'Comiske or M'Connicky, P. 2515. 4 North Street Bathgate Injured  
M'Connell, J. 2414 or 414. 85 East Main Street Armadale Injured 3 Jan 2009: Enquiry from RMcG, grandnephew
M'Connicky or M'Comiske, P. 2515. 4 North Street Bathgate Injured  
M'Culloch, J. 1371. 5 Heriothill Terrace Edinburgh Injured  
M'Dermaid or M'Diarmid, George Alexander. 278. Killed  
M'Diarmid, David. 2659. 28, Primrose Street, Leith Killed  
M'Diarmid or M'Dermaid, George Alexander. 278. Killed  
M'Donald, Charles. 1773. 11 or 61 Eskside Musselburgh Injured 22 May 2008 and 12 Jun 2011: Enquiry from RC, grandneice
M'Donald, Henry. 1965. 20, Dalmeny Street, Leith Killed  
M'Donald, J. 1840. 5 Bowling Green Street Leith Injured  
M'Donald, John. 1731. 228 Easter Road, Leith Killed  
M'Donald, Mr and Mrs. Civilians. Woodland Gardens, Muswell Hill, London Injured  
M'Donald, R. 4 Wardie Street, Leith Injured  
M'Ewan, William. 1415. 22, High School Yards, Edinburgh. Killed

5 Dec 2002: Enquiry by GH, friend of grandson
30 Apr 2008: Enquiry from MB, wife of grandnephew

M'Farlane, C. 2722. Gateside Whitburn Injured  
M'Farlane, R. 366. 10 Wellington Place, Leith Safe  
M'Gurk. John. 1510. Edinburgh Injured  
M'Ilwraith. Old Road, Dean Town, Musselburgh. Injured 22 May 2008 and 12 Jun 2011: Enquiry from RC, probable granddaughter
M'Intyre, Alex. 1642. Edinburgh. Injured  
M'Intyre, Alexander Brydon. 2101. c/o Miss Graham, North High Street, Musselburgh or 27 South St, Musselburgh, Midlothian Killed  
M'Intyre, James. 1385. 19 Lindsay Road, Leith Injured  
M'Kay. Alexander. 1599. 19 Balfour Street, Leith. Killed  
M'Kay, George. 994. 23A Rossie Place, Edinburgh Killed  
M'Kay, J. Balfour Street, Leith. Missing  
M'Kay, W. 1512. 66 Lorne Street Leith. Injured  
M'Kenzie, G or J. 1705. 253 Leith Walk Leith Injured  
M'Kenzie, William. 1632. 33 Sheriff Brae Leith Injured  
M'Kerracher, Duncan. 38. 89 Abbeyhill, Edinburgh Injured  
M'Kerracher. Injured  
M'Kinley, Allan. Caban, Girvan. Missing  
M'Lachlan. 526. 12 Beaumont Place Edinburgh Injured  
M'Laghlan or M'Laughlan, William. 1774. 11 Mitchell Street Killed  
M'Laughlan, A. Blackburn Missing  
M'Laughlan or M'Laghlan, William. 1774. 11 Mitchell Street Killed  
M'Laughlan, Tom. 1787. 50 Eskside, Musselburgh Missing  
M'Lean, David. 1726. 54 Pitt Street, Bonnington, Leith Killed  
M'Martin. 1304 Safe  
M'Namara, Daniel. 1688. 22 Buchanan Street, Leith Killed  
M'Pherson, Charles. 2803 Killed  
M'Phillips, W. 995. 10 or 16 Bath Road Leith Injured  
M'Robb, J. 2458 Safe  
M'Sherry, James. 512. Killed  
M'Sorley, J. 1896. Killed  
M'Vicars, J. 3773 Safe  
Main, Charles. 2219. 4 Fort Place, Leith Killed  
Main, William. 927. 4 Pinkie Rd., Musselburgh, Midlothian Killed 26 Jul 2010: Enquiry by LT, great grandson or great granddaughter
Maley, Edward. 1473. Injured  
Malone, John. 1447. Meadowbank Lodge, King's Park, Edinburgh Killed  
Maloney, W. 91. 32 Bedford Street Edinburgh Injured  
Manley, E. 136 Newbigging, Musselburgh Injured  
Mann, W. 1459. 4 East Street (Off Jane Street), Edinburgh, or 4 East St James Street, Edinburgh Injured  
Manson, J D. 1729 Safe  
Marr, George. 2308. 24, Main Street, Bathgate, West Lothian Killed  
Marshall, W. 1823. 131 Easter Road Leith Injured  
Martin, Joseph or John. 8079. Highland Light Infantry. 16 Main Street, Newmains Injured  
Mason, Archibald. 1292. 16 Salamander Street, Leith. Killed  
Mason, C H. 1506. 50 Bangor Road Leith Injured  
Mason, W. 1459. Injured  
Mather, James. 1429. 11 Manderston Street, Leith Killed  
Mather, Peter. 173. 11 Manderston Street Leith Injured  
Maxwell, James. 1441. 26 Bush Street, Musselburgh Killed  15 Jun 2002: Enquiry from JH, niece of 1444 Robert White qv.
May, John. 1796. 12 East Block, Waverley Buildings, Edinburgh Killed  
Meikel, George. 1696 or 1606. 353 Easter Road, Leith Injured  
Melville, William. 1830. 3 or 5 Milton Street, Abbeyhill, Edinburgh. 11, Carlyle Place, Edinburgh. Killed  
Mennaman, William Imrie. 1219. 4 Stanley Place, Edinburgh or 2, Wheatfield Place, Gorgie, Edinburgh. Killed  
Menzies, Edward. 1650. 9 Cannon Street Leith Injured  
Middlemas, J. 1721. 18 Parsons' Green Terrace Edinburgh Injured  
Mighten, Walter. 2399. 61, Westcraig Rd., Blackridge, West Lothian. Killed  
Miller, W. 1256. Injured  
Milton, John. 6906. Highland Light Infantry. Coldstream, Carluke. Injured 4 Jul 2004: Enquiry from MP, grandson.
Milton, William Drummond. 151. 4, Mansfield Place, Edinburgh Killed  
Mitchell, A M. Captain Safe  
Mitchell, John Monfries. Captain. 101 Trinity Road, Leith or 41 Nile Grove, Edinburgh Killed  
Moncur, Malcolm. 1337. Injured  
Monro, A. 2356. 14 Mayfield Terrace, Bo'ness. Injured  
Moran, John. 1997. 5 Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh Killed  
Moran, Peter. 7381. Injured  
Morgan, Edward Henderson. 1936. 35 Fox Street, Leith Killed

20 Dec 2013: Enquiry by MM, grandniece
31 Mar 2004: Enquiry from LH

Morrison, William. 1123. 49 Primrose Street Leith Injured  
Mothersole, W Safe  
Muir, John or George. 1943. Killed  
Muir, P. 2235 Injured 24 Jul 2002: Enquiry by PM, grandniece.
Munro, James. 1198. 18 Thorntree Street Leith Injured  
Murray, Andrew. 1641. 27 Clyde Street, Edinburgh. Killed  
Murray, R. 1425. 32 Cambus Cottage, Newmains, Wishaw Injured  
Murray, Thomas. 1584. 6 Cunningham Place, Leith Killed  
Murray, William. 1520. Killed  
Mustard, D. 1734. 13 Prince Albert Buildings Edinburgh. Injured  
Mustard, Robert. 1742. 7 Lyne Street Edinburgh Injured  
Nairn, George. 978. 2 Anderson Place, Leith Killed  
Naysmith, J. 513 Safe  
Neally or Neilly, J. 2416. 20 Mount Pleasant, Armadale Injured  
Neilands or Newlands, John, alias Shields, Patrick. 1104. Killed  
Neilson, David. 1810. Musselburgh. Injured  
Neilson, R. 2118. 84 Millhill Musselburgh Injured  
Newlands or Neilands, John, alias Shields, Patrick. 1104. Killed  
Nicholson or Nicolson, Robert, R. 1684. 16 Balfour Street, Leith Killed  
Nicol, Alexander. 1126. 13 Stanley Place. 41, Rose Street, Edinburgh Killed  
Nicolson or Nicholson, Robert, R. 1684. 16 Balfour Street, Leith Killed  
Nimmo, Mrs, plus child. Civilian. 20 Crown Street, Newcastle Killed 23 Sep 2002: Enquiry from HH, distant relative.
20 May 2005: Enquiry from NJ, relative
Niven, W. 6988. Highland Light Infantry. Kirkfieldbank, Lanark Injured  
Niven, William. 1517. Killed  
O'Hara, John. 1698. 7 Littlejohn Street, Dundee, or 6 Little John Street, Dundee Injured  
O'Neill, M. 2585. Injured  
Ormiston, Thomas. 1596. 4 George Street, Leith. Killed  11 Mar 2003: Enquiry by DOD
2 Mar 2004: Enquiry from VO, possible relative
Orr, Charles. 1293. 16, Salamander Street, Leith, Edinburgh. Killed  
Paden. 50. 57 Dalmeny Street Leith Injured  
Paiton or Paxton, David. 1501. Leith Injured  
Park, William Forbes. 1582. 9 or 10 Upper View Craig Row. 42, Prince Albert Buildings, Edinburgh, or 9 or 10 Upper View Craig Row Killed  
Paterson, David. 1370. Leith Injured  
Paterson, William Stothart. 1138. Leith Killed  
Paterson, William. 1248. 15 Couper Street, Leith. Killed  
Paton, W F. Royal Navy. Glasgow Killed 11 Oct 2012: Enquiry by RHM, naval historian
Paton, W. 1442 Safe  
Pattison. 15 Cooper Street, Leith Injured  
Paul, Cuthbert Balfour. Doctor. Helper  
Paxton, D Injured  
Paxton or Paiton, David. 1501. Leith Injured  
Peace, David. 536. 20, North Junction Street, Leith Killed  
Pearce, P. 2256. 10 Lorne Street Leith Injured  
Pearson, J. 1178. 36 Pinkie Road, Musselburgh Injured  
Peebles. Lieutenant Colonel Safe  
Peters, David John. 802. 20, Dryden Street, Edinburgh. Killed  
Pettigrew, William Millar. 2794. 74 Beedes Street, Airdrie. Killed  
Ponton, Alexander. 1451. 89, Horcus Loan, Musselburgh, Midlothian. Killed  
Porteous, Donald. 2774. 8 Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh Killed 11 Mar 2009: Enquiry by DC, grand nephew.
Porteous, R. 2096. 61 Eskside Musselburgh Injured  
Povah, A J or A G. 266 Leith Walk, Leith Injured  
Pratt, A. 1311. Safe  
Pride. 1738 Safe  
Proudfoot, P or R. 398. 13 or 18 Arthur Street, Edinburgh Injured  
Purves, D. 1746 Injured  
Purves, James. 2736. 190, New Street, Musselburgh, Midlothian Killed  
Purvis, D. 1329. 2 Hermitage Terrace Leith Injured  
Quifler or Quiller, Frank. 44 Constitution Street, Leith. Injured  
Raeburn, J. 1471 Safe  
Ramage, A. 1298. 34 Pinkie Road Musselburgh. Injured  
Ramage, John. 871. Leith. Injured  
Ramsay, Robert. 989. Leith Killed  
Reed, J. 2062 Injured  
Reid, J. 1069. 195 Great Junction Street Leith. Injured  
Reid, John or Jack. 2064. 9 Monktonhall Terrace Musselburgh. Injured  
Reid or Rhind, J. 1098. 4 Rosebank, Portobello. Injured  
Reid, William. 1155. Edinburgh Injured  
Reilly or Reilley, Connor. 2917. 109 Giles Street Leith. Injured  
Rennie, David. 1364 or 1634. 12 Albert Street Edinburgh Injured  
Rennie, W. Safe  
Renton, W. 1226. Safe  
Renwick, Robert Duncan. 1378. 1, Milnes Court, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh Killed  
Riach, W. 1914. 34 Woodbine Terrace Leith. Injured  
Riddell. Lieutenant. Safe  
Rigg, J. 2014. 9 Monktonhill Terrace Musselburgh Injured  
Right. 1503 Safe  
Ritchie, David. 376. 10 Breadalbane Street, Leith or 17, Burlington Street, Leith or 14 Edina Place Killed  
Ritchie, G or J. 1828. 43 Summerlee Street Prestonpans. Injured  
Ritchie, Peter. 2817. Musselburgh Killed  
Rhind or Reid, J. 1098. 4 Rosebank, Portobello. Injured  
Roach, Joseph. Newbigging, Musselburgh Injured  
Roach, Joseph. 1777. Liverpool Injured  
Robertson, David. 1144. 69 Abbeyhill, Edinburgh or 117 Firpark Street, Dennistoun, Glasgow Killed  
Robertson, G. 739. 26 Milton Street Edinburgh Injured  
Robertson, James. 2460. Carron, Stirlingshire Killed  
Rogers or Rodger, T. 1249, 15 Cooper Street, Leith Injured 8 Jul 2004: Enquiry from MD, granddaughter, who said surname was Rodger
Romanes. Captain and Adjutant. Safe  
Ronald, A. 48. Injured  
Ross, Duncan. 1795. 9, Earl Haig's Gardens, Trinity, Leith Killed  
Ross, Frederick. 1082. 60 Brunswick Street Edinburgh Injured  
Ross, J. 1168. . 17 First Avenue, Newcraighall. Injured  
Ross, J. 1313 or 1330. Injured  
Ross, John. 276 or 11727. Edinburgh Injured  
Ross, John. 642 or 7542. Injured  
Ross, R. 1439. 50 Eastfield, Joppa Injured  
Ross, Thomas. 157 or 2175. 17 or 72 New Street, Musselburgh Injured  
Rotharty, Joseph. 1384. Leith Injured  
Routledge. 1656. Corbygate, Wetherall, Carlisle Injured  
Salvesen, Christian Raymond. Lieutenant. 6 Rothesay Terrace, Edinburgh Killed  
Salvesen, Noel Graham. 37 Inverleith Place, Edinburgh. Injured  
Sanders, P. 1825. 19 Morrison's Haven Prestonpans Safe  
Sandilands, William. 1454. 1 Lorne Place, Leith Injured  
Schumacher, George. 1566. 74, Elm Row, Edinburgh Killed  
Scott, A. 745. 3 Yardheads Leith Injured  
Scott, D. 1349. 21 Iona Street Leith. Injured  
Scott, Duncan. 2155. 8 South Elgin Street, Edinburgh. Killed  
Scott, Frank William. Civilian. St Anns Killed  
Scott, J. 1181. 11 Yeaman Place, Edinburgh Injured  
Scott, James. 1694. 26 Ferrier Street, Leith Killed  
Scott, William. 1423. Killed  
Shaw, George. 541. Killed  
Shields, Patrick, alias Neilands or Newlands, John. 1104. Killed  
Sim, H. 1767. 94 East Claremont Street Edinburgh Injured  
Sime, J. 148 Safe  
Sime, James Spalding. 636. 40, Dalmeny Street, Leith, Edinburgh Killed  
Sime, Robert Hill. 1388. 40, Dalmeny Street, Leith, Edinburgh Killed  
Simmons, W. 1333 Safe  
Simpson, Archibald. 1150. 113 Pitt Street Leith Injured  
Simpson, George R. 354. 134 Albert Street Killed  
Simpson, S. 82. 113 Pitt Street, Leith Injured  
Simpson, W. 6446 Safe  
Simpson, Walter A. 1687. 10 James Place, Leith Killed  
Sinclair, Alexander. 1317 or 1445. Pinkie Pans, Musselburgh Injured  
Sinclair, J. 1313. 35 Dalmeny Street, Leith Injured 29 Apr 2009: Enquiry by GO'H, possible relative
Singer, Thomas. 2367. Bathgate Killed  
Skea, P. 1128. 342 Easter Road, Leith Injured  
Skidmore, William. 1683. 6 King's Road, Portobello Killed  
Skinner, W. 1819 Safe  
Slack or Stark, T. 1115. 17 East Cromwell Street Injured  
Smart, Robert Pringle. 1624. 172 Great Junction Street, Leith or 3 Goff Avenue, Craigintinny, Edinburgh Killed  
Smeaton, George. 306. 13 Earlston Place, Edinburgh Killed 24 Dec 2003: Enquiry by HW, relative
Smith, J. 2369. Etna Cottages Armadale Injured  
Smith, John. 1844. 172 Great Junction Street, Leith. Killed  
Smith, Peter. 1634. 9, Trafalgar Street, Leith, Edinburgh Killed  
Smith, Thomas. 132. 9 Gordon Street, Leith Injured  
Smith, Thomas. 1667. 4, Ferrier Street, Leith, Edinburgh Killed  
Sneddon. 2580. 34 Cockburn Street Bathgate Injured  
Somerville, Alexander George. 834. 37 High Street, Musselburgh or 121A, Inveresk Rd., Musselburgh, Midlothian. Killed  
Spence, Archibald. 1654. Musselburgh Killed 21 May 2008: Enquiry from JH, grandneice
Stark or Slack, T. 1115. 17 East Cromwell Street Injured  
Stark or Stirk, R. 1361. 22 Lindsay Road, Leith Injured  
Steel, James. 4 or 1640. 13 Graham Street, Leith. Injured  
Stenhouse, J. 2526. Injured 14 Feb 2008: Enquiry from MMcD
Stevenson, Robert. 1495. 26 Prince Regent Street, Leith Killed  
Stewart, James. 1541. 3, Restalrig Avenue, Edinburgh Killed  
Stewart, John. 1956 or 1936 or 1963. 15, Inveresk Rd., Musselburgh, Midlothian. Killed  
Stewart, William. 2679. "Rosemount," Mid Street, Bathgate, West Lothian Killed 3 Jan 2009: Enquiry from RMcG, grandnephew who supplied a photo
Stirk or Stark, R. 1361. 22 Lindsay Road, Leith Injured  
Stobo, A. Safe  
Stoddart, P. 1295. Injured  
Stoddart, P. 1436 or 1463. Leith Injured  
Storie. George. 828. 136 North High Street, Musselburgh Killed 10 Nov 2004 and 14 Oct 2013: Enquiry from SP, greatniece
Strathdee. 1757 Safe  
Summers, Arthur George. 1845. 17, Halmyre Street, Leith, Edinburgh Killed 24 Sep 2008: Enquiry from AG, possible relative
Suttie, J. 1220. Killed  
Suttie, John. 1808. 71 North Fort Street, Leith Killed  
Swaine. 1772. Dalgety Drive Edinburgh Injured  
Swan, B or Robert. 1531. 22 Albert Street Leith or 2 Canning Street, Anderston, Glasgow. Killed  
Swan, James or John. 18 Perth Street, Edinburgh Missing  
Swan, William. Reverend. Helper  
Swan. 22 Albert Street Leith Injured  
Symons, James. 1791. Edinburgh Killed  
Taylor, J. 1313. 6 Dickson Street Leith Injured  
Taylor, Robert W. 1274. 38 Constitution Street Leith. Injured  
Tennant, W. 7170. Highland Light Infantry. Lanark Injured  
Tennent or Ternent, R. 2095. 12 Bush Terrace Musselburgh [published as Tennent, but should be Ternent] Injured 6 Apr 2005: Enquiry from AG, granddaughter, who gave spelling as Ternent
Thomson, A. 2517 or 2567. The Loan Torphichen Bathgate Injured  22 Oct 2002: Enquiry from husband of grand-daughter.
Thomson, Adam Smith. 1312. 48, North Fort Street, Leith, Edinburgh. Killed  
Thomson, Andrew. 1948. Leith Injured  
Thomson, David. 1146 or 1446. Musselburgh Injured  
Thomson, F W. Lieutenant Safe  
Thomson, J. 1254 Safe  
Thomson, James. 503. Leith Injured  
Thomson, R B. 1733 Injured  
Thomson. J. Injured  
Tilfillan or Gilfillan, W. 1720 Injured  
Tinlin, William. 1933. Killed  
Tinsdale, James. 1836. Edinburgh Killed 12 Mar 2005 and 5 Mar 2008: Enquiry and additional information from from MC, relative
26 May 2004: Enquiry from JH, relative
21 Mar 2004: Enquiry by MM, granddaughter
Tinsley, James. Civilian. Railway Cottages, Gretna  
Tonman, N or Gorman, M. 1764. Injured  
Trainer. 1303. 16 Royal Exchange Injured  
Tulloch, Thomas. 1834. 212 Easter Road Edinburgh or 5 Eskside, Musselburgh Injured  
Turnbull, Adam S. 1737. 30 Tennant Street, Leith Killed  
Vass, John. 2140. 3, Old Craighall, Musselburgh, Midlothian Killed  
Veitch, James. 1826. Musselburgh Injured  
Wade, Alexander. 1274 or 1374. 20 Sandport Street, Leith Injured  
Walinck or Walneck, J. 1485 Injured  
Walker, Robert. 1962. 10 Bush Street, Musselburgh. Killed  
Wallace, Robert. 1968. Leith Injured  
Walneck or Walinck, J. 1485 Injured  
Walsh, M. 1697. 12 Fishers' Wynd Musselburgh. Injured  
Ward, J or L, or Ivie. 2122. 65 Eskside Musselburgh Injured 15 Jun 2002: Enquiry from JH, niece of 1444 Robert White qv, who corrected the name to Ivie Ward.
Watson, R. 1785. 11 Ramsay Lane, Portobello Injured 16 Mar 2010: Enquiry from JPS, looking for Robert Watson, Lima, NY, USA
Watson, R. 7244 Safe  
Watt, R. 1633. 7 Trafalgar Street Leith. Safe  
Weatherhead, W. 1583. Safe  
Weir. Captain and Quartermaster Safe  
West, William Turbull. 1598. 174 Albert Street, Leith, Edinburgh Killed  
White, Alex L. 1366. 54 Pitt Street, Leith Injured  
White, Alexander G. 495. 226 Springburn Rd, Glasgow or 124 Restalrig Road, Edinburgh Killed  
White, George. 1496. 50, West Bowling Green Street, Leith Killed  
White, Robert. 1444. College Street, Lima, New York, U.S.A, or 32 Bush Street Musselburgh Killed 19 Jul 2002: Enquiry from JH, niece, who added Musselburgh address
Wightman, Daniel. 1652. Killed  
Wightman. Captain Safe  
Wilkie, Robert. 1736. 8, Govanhill Street, Partick, Glasgow Killed  
Williams, R. 516. Beech Lane. Safe  
Williamson, Andrew. 2450. Bo'ness, Linlithgowshire Killed  
Williamson, Thomas. 1981. 1 Windsor Street, Edinburgh Killed  
Williamson, William. 1827. 42, Lockend Rd., Musselburgh or 11 Beach Lane, Musselburgh Killed  
Williamson. 1548 Safe  
Wilson, David. 7160. Highland Light Infantry. 33 Wellgatehead, Lanark Injured  
Wilson, George. 1275. 66 Albert Street, Edinburgh Killed  
Wilson, James. 1158. 8 George Street, Leith Injured  
Wilson, James. 1351. Shrubhill House, Edinburgh Injured  
Wilson, Thomas. 1279. 11 or 16 Laurie Street, Leith, Edinburgh Killed  
Wilson, William. 12 Tower Street, Leith or 12 Iona Street, Leith. Injured  
Winton, J. 625 Safe 26 Apr 2004 and 29 Apr 2009: Enquiry by GO'H, possible relative
Wood, J. 841. 3 Mall Avenue, Musselburgh Injured  
Young, Andrew. 1300. 17, Links Place, Musselburgh, Midlothian. Killed  
Young, J. 7013 or 7613 Safe  
Young, J. 757 Safe  
Young, John A. Lieutenant. Inveresk House, Musselburgh Injured  
Young, Robert. 125, 42 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh Injured  
Young, Thomas. 1568. 9 Gordon Street, Leith Injured  

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