Murrayfield Parish Church, Abinger Gardens

Built 1905-1906 and 1929-31
Known as (in chronological order, with denomination) Murrayfield (Church of Scotland)
Present use Church
Address Abinger Gardens, Edinburgh, EH12 6DE
Grid Reference NT 226 732
Location on 1930 Map
Modern Map
Notes As with many churches, Murrayfield is situated on a corner site. In this case, Abinger Gardens runs along the front (south side) and Ormidale Terrace up the west side of the building. Abinger Gardens is an elevated terrace which runs close and parallel to Corstorphine Road - the road from the city centre towards Glasgow - and is near to the world-famous Murrayfield Stadium. The site had been bought in 1899, and services in a temporary wooden building started in 1900. In 1905 the foundation stone was laid for the present building, and the nave and south transept were finished the following year, whereupon the church was dedicated and services started. The chancel, north transept, vestry, and other parts of the church were added from 1929-31. The congregation has always been Church of Scotland.
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View along the south face in Abinger Gardens


Main entrance on Abinger Gardens


The window on the west side, in Ormidale Terrace


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