Bristo Baptist Church, Queensferry Road

Built 1932-35
Known as (in chronological order, with denomination) Bristo Baptist Church
Present use Church
Address 1 Queensferry Road, Edinburgh EH4 3DJ
Grid Reference NT 238 742
Location on 1930 Map
Modern Map
Notes Located north of the Dean Cemetery, the church is on Queensferry Road, which leads from the city centre to South Queensferry and the Forth Road Bridge. Because it was built in the 1930s, it is not marked on the 1930 map above, but the red spot shows its position. Entrances are on the north (Queensferry Road), west (Dean path) and east (Buckingham Terrace sides. The Bristo Baptist congregation has used several buildings in Edinburgh, and the present building, shown here, was opened on 20 Feb 1935.
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North entrance on Queensferry Road

West entrance on Dean Path

Tablet above west entrance, removed from the previous building - the chapel in Bristo Place, opened in 1836.


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